We create
photobooks, albums,
printed materials.

We tell stories with images.

How does it work?

The content

First, there are photos. No matter their form – be it digital archive or a box of old photographs or negatives. We have to get to know them, think about their character, meaning and the emotions they carry. We also need to talk about the idea and the objective behind the publication.

editing and narrative

Editing mostly means selection, and decisions on how to best combine the photos to create a story. This is one of the most important stages of creating a good photobook. It’s when the individual images turn into a story. This is a stage of trials, suggestions and choices made together.

the project / form

At books’n’stories we act comprehensively, from the initial idea to the final project. We create unique books or albums dedicated to your story. Each project has its own character, reflected in the format, texture of the paper, the quantity and size of the photographs, stylistics of the text, if present, and the binding.


The production depends on many factors. Do you need only a few copies of your book or a large volume? What is the available budget? There are technical issues as well, like preparing DTP, printing and binding. We make good use of our expertise, experience and trusted subcontractors to assure a smooth process and the quality of the final product.

our books

Each project is unique to us.
Each book is a different story.
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Atlas of the unknown #1

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