Atlas of the unknown

Natalia Mikołajczuk


Enaf – Warszawa


“What do you see?”, “What would you call it?”. How much more interesting a reality becomes, where objects we encounter are a mystery to us.

ZIN called „Atlas of the unknown” was the first attempt at analyzing materials from a journey to a place that for me turned out to be something like a different planet.

Yet do we have to actually set off on a journey to free ourselves from the known, imposed frames of interpretation? Where will you land, depends entirely on you. Atlas is an invitation to a game.

*work in progress

Form of publication

format: 21 x 30 cm
technique: digital print
cover: soft

Minimalist form where even the cover is a white blank space, it’s purpose is to enable total focus on the images within. Every double-page is a collation of an object and “a title” – or rather a suggestion or an association that we can either accept or discard.