Exhibition –

Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski

Design of mobile exhibition presenting history of life and choosen photographs from Zaleski family archives


JJ Communications / Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting

Life and work of Zygmunt Zaleski

„The fight for Polish school and language is the basis for the preservation of national identity.(…)”

This words of prof. Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski opening the exhibition commemorating his life. Who was Zygmunt Zaleski? An outstanding patriot, literary historian, publicist and writer and ambassador of the Polish cause in France.

In cooperation with Foundation Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting, we have developed an exhibition combining historical content and selection of photographs from the Zaleski family archive in the context of the most important political events in Europe in times of Zygmunt’s life.

Form of exhibition

form: 12 two sides boards, 150×200 cm each

Exhibition had to be easily addaptable to different spaces. It was presented during numerous events in institutions in Polish cities. For this reason its construction is ‘flexible’ – giving lots of arrangement options, even to separate them to few different rooms.

The chronological coherence has been preserved within one table – the ‘story’ layer placed at the front, corresponds to photographs from a given period placed on the reverse.

The visual layer was supplemented with interesting, contextual quotations from the works of Zygmunt Zaleski.