Sławek Pliszka

Book design:
Books-n-stories / Natalia Mikołajczuk

Print run:
50 copies




Photoobook S-21 reminds us of the tragic times in Cambodia’s recent history, when in 1975-79 nearly 2 million people were killed under the Khmer Rouge regime.
It is also a universal (unfortunately) story of where the totalitarian power is leading to and how cruel a man can be, if circumstances allow it. The book also raises the question of how to give justice to the victims after more than 40 years.

text by Sławek Pliszka

Form of publication

format: 20 x 29 cm
technique: digital print
cover: soft / non-standard

Black and white pictures cover full spreads. We can have the impression that they are almost a diary of a prisoner. The space is oppressive, there is no escape. The text explaining where we are – appears in the middle of our journey. After it, we will meet the victims of the regime. Faces faded in space. They look at us.

We wanted to emphasize the relationship between the project and the actual history – the document. The classic document’s folder was the inspiration.

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