Self-publishing workshop

Pracownia Duży Pokój / Books-n-stories

czerwiec, 2018

Joanna Kozera

It has been amazing workshop…

We have been invited to create workshop in “Pracownia Duży Pokój” in Warsaw.

During two days of intense work in group of over a dozen participants, we’ve been creating small publications / ZINs. From the beginning – from concept, through editing, project, pre-press and printing dummy. We invited people with diverse experience levels in photography (only requirement was to bring the photographic material), but for most of them – it has been first time when they try to make their own publication. Effect was surprising. Thanks to discussions, inspiration from group and focus – their collections of photos changed into immersive visual stories.


How we worked?

place: Pracownia Duży Pokój / Warszawa
time: 2 days
number of participants: 12

Day 1

  • Presentation / introduction / inspiration
  • Presentation of participants projects / editing
  • Working on sequence / form / texts

Day 2

  • Introduction to design, binding and production
  • Working on layouts
  • Prepress

Below you can see selected ZINs created during workshop:

Chemia organiczna - Anna Ługowska

Bez końca - Ola Rosa

Sleepwalkers - Sławek Pliszka

Story - Klaudia Kaczmarczyk

Poruszenie - Aleksandra Skorżyńska

Cud - Anna Stankiewicz