Dorota Stolarska


Enaf – Warszawa


“Zdarzenia” (eng. “Events”) is a book that touches thoughts on death. I took advantage of archive photographs because I believe they are ideal for studying this topic.

I was inspired by Barthes’s assertion that “the photography tells me death in the future”. I took it a step farther, and put to death persons, about which we may think the same as the author of “Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography” thought about his mother – “she will die”. In a more or less accurate way, I tried to show how the Barthesian subject of photography changes in the moment of death; it evaluates into a different matter, i.e. organic or how it disintegrates into light, energy or a black spot. In my photographic activities I took benefit of different techniques, from very traditional ones like collage to more experimental like sewing or living plants.

text: Dorota Stolarska 

Form of publication

format: 14 x 22 cm
technique: digital print
cover: hard

In this publication I tried to relate to the idea of„change of form”. I used a technique in which some of the photos partially overlap the pages, while others are juxtaposed with different photographs or create an abstract form on the paper-space. It helped me to depart from the usual form of publication and gave a slightly changed character to the classic photos used by the author.

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